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According to the UHTS of Master Mantak Chia



Taoist practices (P6)

Anchoring, Emotional Transformation & Harmonization

Sexuality and Taoism (P8 / 9)

The essence of the practices (P10 / 11)

The Inner Smile (P12 / 13)

The Dan Tien (P14 / 15)

Abdominal and respiratory muscles (P16 / 17)

The nervous systems (page P18)

The Wave Nerve (P19)

Transform and balance energies (P20 / 21)

Energy balance and ventilation (P22 / 23)

The 6 healing sounds (P24 / 25)

The Microcosmic Orbit (P26 / 27/28/29)

Sexual glands & brain center (P30)

The Breath of the 9 Flowers (P31)

Energetic Awakening (P32)

Qi Gong of the relation to the earth (P33)

The Whipping (P34 / 35/36/37)

Conscious breathing (P38)

The Meridians (P39)


Module 1: Level 1

Awakening of the Sacred Cauldron & Ovarian Breathing

Introduction (P42)

The Practices of the Feminine Tao (P43)

Common questions (P44 / 45)

Inner Smile and the Sacred Cauldron (P46 / 47)

“Anchoring and Centering” (P48)

Kidney Breathing (P49)

Yin & Yang Balance (P50)

The Sacred Cauldron (P51)

The 5 elements (P52 / 53/54/55)

Lotus meditation (P56)

The magic of sexual vibrations (P57)

Anatomy of the cauldron (P58 / 59)

Awakening of the sacred cauldron (P60 / 61)

The Pelvic Floor (P62 / 63/64/65)

Awakening of the 5 flowers (P67 / 68/69)

The Dance of the 5 flowers in music (P70)

Hormonal System (P71)

Breast Health (P73 / 674/75/76/77)

The 9 Flowers (P78)

Enter your palace (P79)

Ovarian breathing (P80 / 81)

Hormonal shower (P82)

The vulva (P83)

Anatomy of the female sex (P84)

The 3 gates of the 3 waters (P85)

The energy egg (P86 / 87/882/89/90/91)

The 5 elements and the reflex zones (P92 / 93)

Module 2: Advanced Practices

Jade Egg & Orgasmic Rise

The 3 chambers of the jade cave (P95)

Orgasmic Rise (P96 / 97)

The Celestial Palace (P98)

Feeling in love (P99)

Importance of internal exercises (P100 / 101)

Sphincters (P102 / 103)

The spine (P104)

Sexual Kung Fu: The Lock (P105)

The energy egg with a weight (P106 / 107)

Thrust channels (P108 / 109)

Orgasmic suction (P110)

Lift a weight and heavenly orbit (110)

Yi Jing and the Pa Kua (P112 / 113)


Develop sexual energy (P117)

Secrets of Longevity (P118)

Male anatomy (P120 / 121)

The $ 1 million point (P122)

Deer exercise (P123)

Sexual problems (P125)

Breathing (P126 / 127)

Strengthen your sexual muscles (P128 / 129)

Sexual Kung Fu (P130)

Increase male potency (P131)

Enlarge his penis (P132 / 133)

Self-cultivation (P134)

PC muscle movements (P135)

Functional self-massage (P136 / 137)

Give yourself pleasure (P138)

Separate orgasm and ejaculation (P139)

Cold suction (P140)

The digital lock (P141)

The great aspiration (P142 / 143)

The big push (P144)

Rhythm of sustained practice (P145)


Water and fire (P148)

The subtle energetic orgasm (P149)

Couple meditation (P150)

Connect love and desire (P151)

Sexual postures (P152)

Therapeutic positions and reflexological massage (P153)

The art of loving (P154)

The great aspiration (P155)

Energy exchanges (P156)

The orgasmic rise (P157)

Female and male genitalia (P158 / 159)

Unified reflex points (P160)

Genitals (P161)

Cardiovascular system and skeleton (P162 / 163)


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TAO CURATIVE LOVE FASCICULE (for men, women and couples)

  • In deepening of the Foundations courses, the Taoist secrets of healing love awaken the Alchemy of the original energies of the sacred cauldron.

    = The inner smile: gives access to a better vision of oneself, a more loving acceptance of one's body, amplifies respect and gratitude.
    = The 6 healing sounds: detoxifies the body in depth and promotes the transformation of negative emotions into positive creative virtues.

    = The microcosmic orbit: connects, harmonizes the acupuncture vessels known as the Conception Vessel (female energy) and the Governing Vessel (male energy).
    = Tao of structure: Qi Gong cultivates vital energy and increases the overall health of body and mind. The Qigong of the iron shirt strengthens the bones, the tendons; it develops rooting and therefore better self-confidence.

    = Tao of the fusion of the 5 elements: the 5 organs merge their energies to give us access to a very high level of vitality and feeling. Fusion frees the organs from negative and positive energies by capturing more of the eight forces of the universe.
    = Self-massage: abdominal massage or Chi Nei Tsang (Chi / energy, Nei / internal, Tsang / organs) means “working with the energy of internal organs”. It detoxifies, firms and refreshes the body to achieve higher energy levels.

    = Tao of sexuality: guides the sexual energy, Jing, to the higher centers, glands, organs of the body and increases the vibratory frequency of the body, Chi (Qi). The practice allows to:

    - Develop higher intelligence; Shen.
    - Combine visceral, emotional and mental energy. - Increase your inner energy.
    - Promote a stronger immune system.
    - Develop a lively and active sexuality.
    - Open the heart and the conscience.

  • The Tao of Healing Love aims to cultivate fabulous regenerative sources, to master one's sexuality, to transmute sexual energies for the benefit of the whole body and the mind. For Shamanic Taoists, this path of spiritual awakening is rooted in a living method that cultivates the vital energy Chi. It helps to develop a healthy body by transforming emotions to obtain a rooted body structure and an anchored vital center, with the heart open and available. The ability to channel energies nurtures soul wisdom on all planes of being and awakens evolutionary consciousness on Mother Earth.

    The set of practices is specially designed to awaken the sacred dimension of feminine and masculine energy in order to reconnect with its listening capacity, its healing energy and its peaceful strength. Sexual energy is the most powerful generator of creative energy in life. It is able to heal and regenerate all living cells in the body. Learning to awaken this Jing energy, to refine it and to channel it throughout the body, is a key to rejuvenation and regeneration that flourishes physical, emotional and spiritual health. This complete program of energetic practices goes first and foremost through the Fundamentals which unbind the body, transforming negative emotions into positive energies. The inner smile, the emotional transformation of the six healing sounds and the celestial orbit harmonize the energy. The energetic awakening and Qi Gong of the Iron Shirt allow a better anchoring to the Earth.

    Subsequently, the practices of sexual energies can be approached safely, to awaken inner power, allow us to master the doors of self-awareness and the divine temple of one's body in order to increase, refine and channel the sexual vitality. This knowledge of the feminine and masculine energetic anatomy, will allow you to live a more fulfilling sexuality, to treat common ailments such as premature ejaculation, urinary leaks, stress, impotence, infertility, gynecological problems, enlargement of the prostate and uterus etc. Learning to master orgasm and ejaculation can serve both contraceptive purposes and the preservation of Jing, the precious essence.

    Once the individual training has been acquired, we can naturally develop, in the intimacy of the couple, the wonderful fusion of yin and yang which multiplies the energy of love in the direction of what is called "multi-orgasm" . This creative energy is so powerful that it has the power to illuminate the body, heart and mind. The sexual energy transmuted into a vital force in the couple relationship, opens, in the sexual ecstasy of shared happiness on a daily basis, a window on the fabulous horizons of reconciliation between the sexes and their complementarities.

    Mastering this tremendous energy takes time and groundwork, grounding, cleansing, and channeling for the energy to flow properly through your body. Remember that sexual energy is very powerful. Like fire, it can regenerate, protect or burn you! A solid foundation is imperative to benefit from all the benefits of the practices. It is a vast program which requires patience, complicity and above all, love. Seen from this angle, sexuality therefore becomes the starting point of the tremendous adventure of life.

    Aisha Sieburth: GOOD PRACTICE!

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