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Pick to clean the stainless steel ears.

Easy to clean and sterilize.

Size: 13.6cm.

Silver color.

Unit price.


  • Much more than a foot massage, plantar reflexology is a Thai massage technique to rebalance the nervous system by exerting pressure points on specific areas of the foot. It promotes healing of the body by stimulating the nerves, blood circulation and helps remove blockages and release the flow of energy throughout the body.

    How to use the Reflexology Stick?

    The rounded tip of the stick allows you to massage and press on acupuncture points: to release tension, fight against insomnia, relax muscles and get back in shape.

    The thinner tip stimulates very precisely the point of reflexology sought: by working the reflexological points to stimulate all the organs of the body, relieve heavy legs by improving blood and lymphatic circulation and by draining toxins.

    Clean the reflexology stick with soapy water after each use. Wipe it dry with a paper towel. To disinfect the stick, apply 2 drops of Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil. This oil is known for its anti bacterial, antiseptic properties.

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