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PURE JADE NEPHRITE YONI EGG: The stone of harmony par excellence !!!

HARDNESS: 6.5 / DENSITY: 2.8 to 3.1


  • SMALL 25x35mn: 45 €
  • MEDIUM 40x30mn: 50 €
  • GRANG 45x35mn: 55 €

The term jade designates three different minerals jadeite, nephrite and kosmochlor, it is a stone of generally green opaque more or less dark. Jade was named by the Spanish conquistadors piedra de ijada which means stone for the iliac fossa, in connection with the energetic properties already observed at the time on the queens.

Jade Nephrite, as its name suggests ("nephros" = kidneys in Greek), corresponds to the energy of the kidneys, which gives it the reputation of "stone of longevity". In Chinese energy, we say that the kidneys are "the root of life" because it is there that the original energy transmitted by the ancestors, our basic energy is located. Symbol of material and spiritual prosperity, this prestigious stone was used in traditional Chinese rituals. Balance of masculine and feminine, it helps to achieve, awakens inner wisdom, calms and soothes. It is the stone symbol of harmony and peace, honesty, serenity, elevation of consciousness and mediation. The Chinese attributed five virtues to Jade: love of neighbor ("jin"), modesty ("gi"), courage ("yu"), justice ("ketsu") and wisdom ("chi") .

Actions on the emotional and spiritual :

Jade is a stone of long life, it brings prosperity, it promotes compassion and exchange. It fights against nervousness, dissolves worries to move towards acceptance, tolerance and optimism. This stone helps to be honest and fair in our judgments, we can use it to work on the guilt buried in us.

Actions on the physical :

In lithotherapy, it is used for its beneficial action on the kidneys of which it supports energy: the kidneys have a determining role for the vitality and the resistance of the organism. This stone is effective in treating the urinary system and the adrenal glands, which produce adrenaline. It helps eliminate kidney stones (renal colic) as well as cystitis and incontinence, lowers temperature during fever, treats dizziness and treats skin diseases such as eczema. Jade Nephrite is recommended for people who are weak, nervous, easily exhausted nervously or physically. It improves the body's endurance and serenity.


The Jade or Yoni Egg is used since ancient China, to stimulate sexual energy and energize the vitality of the whole organism. Regular practice, in connection with the fundamental basics (inner smile, healing sounds ...), allows you to become aware of and better feel all the pelvic organs, improve blood circulation, increase the production of sex hormones, to tone the muscles of the pelvic floor, to enrich the orgasmic capacity and to maintain a good hydration of the organs. Over time you will welcome more sensuality, sensitivity and vitality!

For Taoists, jade eggs help cultivate youth, master one's sexuality and explore the sensual side of an individual.


Choose an egg carved from a semi-precious stone with Ayurvedic properties that appeal to you (the energy of the stones is absorbed by the vaginal tissue and then spreads throughout the body). It must not have undergone any chemical treatment or have any roughness on the surface. In general, a medium-sized, or medium-sized, egg is suitable for almost any woman. When a woman has a small pelvis, or a very muscular perineum, or if she is a virgin, she may start with a small stature. Likewise, after childbirth or for women who have a larger pelvis, the larger size is recommended.

In female practices, it is good to work with different weights, so it is recommended to choose several sizes. We recommend that you start with a large one (you will be able to interact with the egg more easily) and gradually decrease the size.

Please note: since stone is a natural material, there may be slight variations in color, weight, size and appearance.

NEPHRITE JADE EGG "Stone of harmony, anchor" (3 sizes), from:


    Wash your egg with warm water and mild soap or an intimate hygiene product that respects the vaginal flora. Leave to soak in filtered water for a maximum of 12 hours. You can add a few drops of lemon juice, Tea Tree essential oil, grapefruit seed, clay or bicarbonate of soda in order to cleanse and purify it. To facilitate the introduction of the egg, use a neutral lubricant, coconut or sweet almond oil. To remove it more easily, use dental floss and change it after each use.


    After each use, take it out gently, remove the dental floss and wash it thoroughly with warm water and soap by blowing through the opening to clean it well. After a while the stone gave all the energy it could, we can purify it energetically by placing it on a bed of coarse salt for several hours. Then recharge the energy of your egg by letting it soak in a glass of pure / mineral / sparkling water near the elements of nature so that it can absorb vibrations. Place it on the edge of a window, near a tree or under the rays of the moon and the sun. You can use the oils mentioned above. Do not use disinfectant lotion, it could unbalance your vaginal flora.

    For info :

    • Soothing intimate hygiene products (soap-free) which respect the vaginal flora (between PH 4 - 5).
    • PH of the vagina is between 4-5, slightly antibacterial acid.
    • PH of lemon lemon 1.8.

    Daily practice will strengthen your pelvic floor and improve your sex life. Before you start exercising, empty your bladder.

    It is essential that you know which muscles to work. The most common way to locate the pelvic muscles is to stop the flow of urine during urination.

    If you're still having trouble locating your muscles, insert a finger into your vagina and contract your muscles. You should feel the muscles tighten and your pelvic floor come up. Relax and you will feel the pelvic muscles come back down. If you are sexually active, you may also want to ask your partner if he feels that you are “squeezing” and releasing his penis during sex.

    If you're still having trouble locating your pelvic muscles, place a pocket mirror under your perineum, which is the area covered with skin between your vagina and your anus. Practice contracting and then releasing.
    Take a comfortable position. You can do these exercises while sitting in a chair or lying on the floor. Make sure your stomach and butt muscles are relaxed. To help you concentrate and move efficiently, make sure you breathe well while exercising, instead of holding your breath, and place a hand on your stomach to make sure your abs aren't tight.


    • To start, contract your pelvic muscles for 5 seconds. If 5 seconds is even too long for you, start by contracting your muscles for just 2 or 3 seconds.
    • Relax your muscles for 10 seconds. Ideally, you should always give your pelvic muscles a 10 second break before repeating the exercise.
    • Repeat the exercise 10 times. Contract your pelvic muscles for 5 seconds, release them for 10 seconds

    TIPS :

    • If the exercise is a little uncomfortable at first, massage the area or stop the practice. You are working muscles and they can be tired or sore. It is possible to practice expelling the egg wirelessly using your own pelvic muscles or by squatting.
    • Try to sleep with the egg inside. The genitals continue to work with the egg overnight.
    • If you don't have much time to practice, carry the egg while you go about your business, at home or away. Five minutes a day will give more positive results than an hour once a week.
    • If you wear an IUD, work gently and keep the egg only during exercise.
    • Avoid exercise during menstruation. The practice of Ovarian Breathing is more suitable during this period.
    • Keep your panties on when working with the egg to prevent it from accidentally falling out.
    • If you keep the egg inside for long periods of time, move it regularly in the vaginal canal so that there is no stagnation and the uterus receives enough air. Never exceed more than 24 hours in a row.
    • Keeping the egg upright can be difficult for women who have had an episiotomy. Massage your perineum and vagina daily with a suitable oil, ideally pure coconut. Concentrate on the inside of your pelvis and without inserting the egg, play with your muscles, until they become more toned again.
    • Do not practice the egg in case of infections / fungal infections / herpes, it could worsen the symptoms. Favor a yin practice of rest with a few pumpings of the perineum, gently, to tone the tissues and disperse the sick winds with the sound of the Kidneys 'Tchuuu'. Derivative baths are recommended to refresh, soothe and stimulate the lymph and the immune system.

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