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Gua Sha of about 9x5.5 cm in natural Buffalo horn, handcrafted (each model is therefore unique). Sold individually.

This traditional massage tool from Chinose medicine is another technique used to release muscle tension and tightness for the body and face.

Buffalo horn has cooling qualities, which makes it particularly effective for treatments aimed at relieving fever, edema and convulsions. Buffalo horn is used to release excess heat, purify the body, and remove blood stasis.

The shape of this product includes different curves and thicknesses, to better adapt to different therapeutic approaches and to the contours of the body. The convex side is useful for treating eye contours and acupuncture points, while the concave side can be used for the chin and fingers. The sides of this product are smooth and soft, ensuring that it will never hurt the skin. Extremely resistant, this Gua Sha will last you for decades!


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