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Health Spa & Resort de Chiang Maï en Thailande

Tao Garden is a center for training and holistic care located in a natural setting of great beauty. A suitable space to relax,

cultivate your original energy, enjoy practices Tao of Vitality and SPA center in an exceptional setting.

Welcome to Tao Garden !

The living room is open to all, to enjoy the teaching and practices of bieinfaits Tao, with the possibility of certification instructor graduate center for those enrolled ( es ) in the comprehensive training curriculum . We welcome you in Chiang Mai , north of Thailand , in the gardens of the health center, in the heart of the elements and lush vegetation, for a stay or a Taoist wellness retreat .We offer activities throughout the day: relaxation exercises and formatting , Taoist practices, pool, sauna, steam room , tennis court , gym fully equipped for your comfort and care ... personalized SPA .But aussii walks to discover the culture of the country and enjoy the great airr : tour in natural area parks , wildlife observation and local flora. Bike rides in the rice fields , escapades on the night markets and visits to many cultural sites of the city until golden triangle.The field is immersed in the heart of lush greenery, arranged so that the houses , as well as books spécialelement structrures care and recreation are fully dedicated to the SPA and the Universal Tao System . Tao Garden Holistic Centre was established in 1993 by the Taoist Master Mantak Chia, world famous instructor in the field of longevity. The concept of the center is based on the healing system of Universal Tao . It combines traditional Chinese Taoist médecones , Thai and Ayurvedic and also leverages technology from western holistic medicine. Through the practice of Tao of Vitality, you adjust your emotional balance with confidence will strengthen your Chi and you will discover that physical health promotes spiritual growth. In this dynamic teaching , we regularly organize training courses and holidays, accompanied by certified instructors to develop our program of care on the body, mind and spirit : rejuvenation, longevity , vitality, stress management , healing , detoxification ...We offer a program that best suits your needs. With the possibility of up to have a clear picture for you to take care SPA and fitness personalized . An herbalist , a Chinese doctor and a GP Thai assist you in your care. A holiday that combines relaxation and pleasure, education and discovery to grow your health and follow treatments Pakua Center.

How to plan your trip ?
So that we can reserve your seats at Tao Garden, thank you tell us or selected weeks and the formula "room": PRICES. We will confirm your registration upon receipt of a deposit check of € 300, payable to the Soulimet association and a copy of your ticket, thank you note flight number, date and time of arrival).


Travel :

Outward flight / return Chiang Mai 1200 € / 1400 €. You can book your ticket AFAT TRAVEL. In Chiang Mai, we will pick you up and we will assist you to speak your language and answer any questions about your stay.


On site :
Accommodation :  Single or double room, 1 to 3 star. Rates all inclusive for the week. Meals: daily buffet BIO Thai at will.

Activities : access to the SPA, sauna, hammam, pisicine, tennis court ... Exercises Fitness mornings 7:00 to 8:00 and dinner from 20:00 to 21:00.

Service de bus régulier vers Chiang Mai tous les jours, 2 fois par jour : 100 baht par personne / Aller. Transfert vers l'aéroport de Chiang Mai : 250 Baht par personne.

Change : 42 Thai Bath (THB)=1€



We organize throughout the year, staying at Tao Garden 10% off all services on booking by us. For more information, please contact us.

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